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Pat Wattam, Realtor®

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Pat specializes in selling Baton Rouge real estate as well as Baton Rouge and Shenandoah estates, and will provide you with a special Baton Rouge newcomer package with information on Louisiana relocation, the Baton Rouge community, the East Baton Rouge Parish education, Louisiana economics, Shenandoah homes and homes for sale in Prairieville. She is the best Realtor® for the job. You won't find another realty company that has as many Baton Rouge or Shenandoah real estate listings, Prairieville homes, or just plain real estate in the Baton Rouge area. Use Pat Wattam's Team!

Pat Wattam, 2013 President of the
Greater Baton Rouge Board of Realtors

Realtor of the Year - 2012!!!
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The Pat Wattam Team
(Pat and Roger Wattam, Debbie Hanna, Blake Hanna,
Bill Arey, and Karen O'Pry)

4750 Sherwood Common

Baton Rouge, LA USA 70816

1-800-599-6769 x400
RE/MAX First: 225-291-1234
Pat Wattam (Direct Line): 225-298-6900
Fax: 225-295-1234

Licensed Realtor
® in the State of Louisiana by the
Louisiana Real Estate Commission

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